Bien-etre Spa

462 Stevens Ave., Suite 306, Solana Beach, San Diego, San Diego, California, 92075, United States

About Bien-etre Spa

Bien-etre provides diagnostic skincare with a modern holistic approach. The spa looks at every skin condition as having a deeper connection in the body and treat it by bringing balance to the entire system and raising the level of health of the skin. This method ensures you beautiful lasting results. Every facial starts with a thorough consultation and ends with multiple recommendations. No two skin conditions are every really the same, therefore special care is taken when it comes to your skin. Bien-etre skincare studio uses pure reverse osmosis water for every treatment. Tap water (especially hot tap water) contains many harsh minerals that can deplete the skin, including chlorine and flouride – both of which have been shown to dry skin and contribute to the aging process. Reverse osmosis water contains all the benefits of pure water without any of these harsh minerals or chemicals, leaving your skin truly soft and beautiful. We combine the expertise and experience to provide only the very best, esthetician approved products that are gentle, responsible and effective. The spa's online skincare resource center gives you around-the-clock access to skincare lessons, tips, how-to's, reviews, and articles. You can also send them your skincare questions and get an answer within 48 hours!


Service Types

  • Anti-Aging
  • Facials
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Waxing